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Ethiopia-Eritrea First Talks In 20 Years

Michael Atkins, Intern, Africa

July 2, 2018

On Tuesday, high-level leaders from Ethiopia and Eritrea “opened the doors of peace” after nearly two decades of military stand-offs (Reuters). In a rapid series of policy changes or reversals, Ethiopia’s newly appointed Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said his government would fully implement a UN peace agreement made in 2000 (AJ).

Ethiopia’s rapidly growing economy would benefit from stability in the region, potential access to the Red Sea and increased trade with Eritrea (WSJ). Eritreans would also benefit from access to Ethiopia’s market, increased trade and stability (AJ). Both would gain from family reunifications and closer cultural connections. After the meeting, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Ethiopian Airlines would restart flights to Eritrea (Reuters). He then stated, “Love is the only way out. We have tried war, it didn’t benefit either side. It cost lives, time, money – and it diverts attention from other important things” (BBC).






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