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Fijian Prime Minister Claims a “Frightening New Era”

Stacy Erickson, Alexandra Cousteau Environment and Global Climate Change Fellow

April 5, 2018

Frank Bainimarama, Fiji’s Prime Minister, said climate change is a major threat to the survival of the island nation (Hill). His statement came after Cyclone Josie killed five people due to torrential rain and flooding on the nation’s main island this past weekend (BBC). The Prime Minister expressed that “Once again, Fijians are mourning the loss of some of our loved ones to an extreme weather event” (France). Bainimarama claims the nation is living in a “frightening new era” where extreme storms are becoming more severe and hitting the island nation more frequently (Independent).

The Prime Minister urged other nations to help Fiji and other island nations similar to them in their “fight for survival” (Telegraph). A leading voice in climate change advocacy, Bainimarama was the first to have their nation ratify the Paris Climate Accord in 2015 (Hill). In order to adequately show the possible impacts of climate change, The Prime Minister used a virtual reality project he launched days after Cyclone Josie (FT). At the launch of his project, “Our Home, Our People – Fiji’s Climate Change Story in Virtual Reality,” Bainimarama asked for support in tackling climate change.







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