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France Plans Asylum ‘Hotspots’ in Libya

Alexandra Felt, Intern, Middle East

July 28, 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron plans to create “hotspots” to process asylum seekers. Macron said the new areas will help keep ineligible refugees from “taking crazy risks,” and potentially minimize the flow of migrants (BBC). He estimated that Libya, a transit country for migrants and the main point of departure for migrants attempting to reach Europe, has between 800,000 and one million migrants (BBC). According to the International Organization for Migration, over 2,300 people have drowned this year in the Mediterranean Sea while attempting this voyage (Al Jazeera).


Europe’s influx of migrants, or “five years of chaos,” fuel demands for smugglers, which supports terrorist organizations, Macron said (Al Jazeera, BBC). A recent report by the Human Rights Watch accused French police of cruelty towards the refugees—stating that they “regularly [use] pepper spray on asylum seekers, including children who do not pose a threat, even while they are sleeping” (Al Jazeera). The Hungarian government has been pushing for more refugee camps within Libya so there is no need for relocation (EUObserver).





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