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Microsoft Cuts Thousands of Jobs

Jessie Dickens, Intern, Global Economy

July 12, 2017

Microsoft, one of the largest companies in the world, announced on Thursday that they planned to lay off 3000-4000 employees across the globe (NYT). The job cuts will come primarily from Microsoft’s Sales and Marketing departments, amidst a mass restructuring of the business’s operations. The cuts will come from locations that are mostly outside of the United States but many of the employees will be offered different positions that meet the new goal of the organization (ET). A Microsoft spokesperson announced in a statement that the reorganization is designed to better meet the needs of customers and partners although there was no announcement of the exact number of cuts (CNN).

Microsoft Executive Vice President Judson Althoff, stated that Microsoft is looking to foray into a $4.5 trillion market opportunity over the coming years, providing rationale to employees for the cuts (NYT). Many employees will be offered new job opportunities in areas including expanded data analysis roles, cloud services and artificial intelligence (ET). Microsoft is expanding these areas to compete with growing technology companies such as Amazon, Google and IBM, who have placed a focus on developing cloud software (NYT). Microsoft is hopeful that the restructuring will help boost already growing revenue for Azure, its cloud platform which saw a 93% increase in sales in the most recent quarter (CNN).







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