UCF Global Perspectives



Fellowships are offered during the Fall and Spring semesters, with certain fellowships only being offered once a year. The Bok fellowship is also available during the Summer semester. While most fellowships are offered exclusively to UCF students, some are also available to students from other Central Florida colleges, such as the Pritchard, Bok and Cousteau fellowships. Each fellowship provides a stipend. Fellowship students are responsible for all of the duties of interns, as well as additional research and writing assignments. There is no limit to the number of fellowships a student may apply for in one semester, though a student cannot receive more than one fellowship in the same semester. Students are not eligible to receive the same fellowship twice. Please click on a fellowship below to learn more about its requirements and deadlines.

Lawrence J. Chastang Global Fellowship

India Fellowship

China-Taiwan Fellowship

Sibille H. Pritchard Global Peace Fellowship

Francis Bok Human Trafficking Awareness Fellowship

Stephen Sloan Terrorism Studies Fellowship

Isle of Man Small Countries Program Fellowship

Lester N. Mandell Diplomacy Fellowship

Alexandra Cousteau Environment and Global Climate Change Fellowship

Nelson Mandela African Affairs Fellowship

European Studies Fellowship

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Fellowship

Najmaldin Karim