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Terrorism Studies Program

“Providing a context for the study of modern terrorism”

The Terrorism Studies Program at the University of Central Florida (UCF) – supported by the Terrorism Studies Fund of the Global Connections Foundation – is housed in the Global Perspectives Office (GP). An original area of interest for GP, it was launched in November 2001, with a dedication to public education, evaluation and research about terrorism/counter-terrorism issues, trends and policies. To serve those goals, the program sponsors or co-sponsors public discussions featuring top speakers, panels and other presentations, encourages scholarship and research, and works with partners worldwide in a virtual network. Concerns about whether the counter-terrorism polices of the United States and its allies were sufficient to meet global needs inspired the program to take the lead in 2005 to organize an international gathering of specialists in Orlando. Meeting under the auspices of UCF, the group participated in a three-day working conference that produced a signature, globally distributed white paper, “A Global Assessment of Terrorism: Perspectives from Current and Future Leaders on Policy, Doctrine and Operational Implications,” published on September 11, 2006.

Program Director

John C. Bersia
PH 202, 407-823-0688

Terrorism Studies Minor

Click here to view the requirements for the Terrorism Studies minor at UCF.

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Terrorism Studies Fellowship

The UCF Terrorism Studies Program, the Global Perspectives Office at UCF and the Global Connections Foundation will provide an opportunity for an outstanding undergraduate (at least junior level) or graduate student from a Central Florida college or university to serve as a Terrorism Studies Fellow. Click here for more information about the fellowship.

The Fall 2016 Stephen Sloan Terrorism Studies Fellow is Taylor Scimeca, a senior at the University of Central Florida pursuing dual degrees in Political Science and Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Terrorism Studies. Her research interests include counterterrorism, the effects of terrorism on refugee populations and linguistics. Upon graduation, she plans on pursuing a graduate degree in National Security with a focus in Terrorism Studies. To learn about other fellows and scholars, click here.