UCF Global Perspectives


Remembering Ambassador Myles R.R. Frechette

John Bersia, Special Assistant to the President for Global Perspectives and Director

September 21, 2017

This tribute to Ambassador Myles R.R. Frechette, who passed away during the summer, comes late for a simple reason: It was too difficult to write. Amb. Frechette was my colleague, mentor and friend during many decades and career incarnations. He enriched my life and those of countless others with his sharp intellect, deep understanding of how the world works (particularly Latin America and the Caribbean), frankness, commitment to principle and willingness to assist. He made innumerable contributions to diplomacy, foreign affairs, political economy and education, facilitated by his extensive travels and proficiency in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. At UCF, he served with uncommon distinction on this office’s advisory board, visited regularly and even taught a highly regarded Honors course. Amb. Frechette contributed insightful commentary on global issues to the very end. His last major statement was a biography, Frechette se Confiesa, a copy of which I hold in my hand as I write this testimonial. He leaves a legacy few can match. Adios, mi amigo.

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