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Russian Diplomat Expelled from Montenegro

Yerika Germosen, Isle of Man Small Countries Fellow

March 29, 2018

On March 4, the Russian former double agent Sergei Skripal was found dead due to a nerve toxin left on his door (Reuters 1). As a result, the United States and other Western countries, including most member states of the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), expelled over 100 Russian diplomats (Reuters 1). The governement of Montenegro, NATO’s newest member and EU aspirant, decided to join its allies and expel the country’s Russian diplomat (Reuters 2). The governments of neighboring Balkan states Albania, Croatia, Macedonia and Romania also decided to expel Russian diplomats on Monday (Balkan Insight).

The Montenegrin political party, Democratic Front, expressed their opposition to expelling Russian representatives, saying that the country’s “honor and dignity” should be preserved (Tass Russian News Agency). Montenegro’s government put an end to its consent for Russia’s honorary consul as well (Reuters 2). The official government website stated that the Russian Embassy “was informed of the measures with a seven-day deadline” for the Russian diplomat to leave (Ukrainian Independent Information Agency). The statement by Montenegro’s government also mentions that the decision to expel Russian representatives was taken “in solidarity with British partners” (UNIAN).


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