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Rwandan Government Fires 200 Police Officers

Ayomikun Loye, MacArthur Scholar, Africa

February 10, 2017

Two hundred Rwandan police officers have been dismissed due to various implications of corruption. Police Spokesman Theos Badege said there would be “no mercy” for the corrupt officers in the police (AP). Those dismissed included one Superintendent, four Chief Inspectors, 23 Inspectors, 38 Assistant Inspectors, 65 Non-Commissioned officers and 67 Constables (AllAfrica). President Paul Kagame chaired meeting on Friday in which his Cabinet approved the dismissal (BBC).

According to Transparency International’s latest survey, Rwanda is sub-Saharan Africa’s third least corrupt country (AP). Marie-Immaculee Ingabire, head of Transparency International in Rwanda states that the ranking shows the will of the Rwandan government to fight corruption (AP). Donor countries have commended the Rwandan government for punishing corrupt officials (BBC). Based on Rwanda National Police statistics last year, around 200 people were arrested for bribing police officers and 80 officers implicated in graft related malpractice (AllAfrica).








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