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Thailand Boys Rescued From Flooded Cave

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Twelve boys on a youth soccer team and their coach were successfully rescued after being stuck in a flooded cave in Thailand for 17 days (AP). Thai Navy Seals guided the boys through the narrow Tham Luang cave complex in pairs with ropes and oxygen tanks (Straits Times). The divers saved eight of the boys […]

Vietnam Set to Pick New Leaders as Congress Begins

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Vietnam’s ruling Communist Party began an eight-day congress on Thursday to nominate the next president, prime minister and the party’s general secretary (BBC). This election is extremely important, as the next leaders will determine Vietnam’s relationship with China (US News). The event is extremely secretive, taking place behind closed doors (BBC). Closely controlled media outlets […]

Chinese Chief Given Life in Prison After Secret Trial

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China’s Supreme Court sentenced former domestic security chief Zhou Yongkang to life in prison after a secret trial (Reuters). Zhou was spared the death penalty, a decision seen as a show of leniency (Associated Press). Once considered to command more power through his control of the police and criminal justice system than most government officials, […]

Hong Kong Democracy Poll Sparks Tension

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Over 738,000 Hong Kong natives cast ballots in an unofficial referendum on democracy, far exceeding organizers’ anticipated draw of 100,000 (Wall Street Journal). Sponsored by pro-democracy organization Occupy Central with Love and Peace, the poll asked voters to choose between three procedures for electing the chief executive, Hong Kong’s top position. All three procedures are […]