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Guatemala Volcanic Eruption

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A Guatemalan Volcano, Volcan de Fuego, erupted on June 3rd and 5th, 2018. The volcanic eruptions killed at least 99 people and left 192 people missing (CNN). The Guatemalan Disaster Relief Agency did not deliver the evacuation alert in time to warn villagers close to the volcano (BBC). Villages, such as El Rodeo, lost many […]

Fijian Prime Minister Claims a “Frightening New Era”

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Frank Bainimarama, Fiji’s Prime Minister, said climate change is a major threat to the survival of the island nation (Hill). His statement came after Cyclone Josie killed five people due to torrential rain and flooding on the nation’s main island this past weekend (BBC). The Prime Minister expressed that “Once again, Fijians are mourning the […]

Greenpeace Activists Protest Arctic Oil Rig

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On Friday, Greenpeace activists protested the completion of a new Arctic rig owned by Norwegian oil company Statoil (Sputnik). The “Sogna Enabler” oil rig is one of the company’s newest rigs is recently active in the Barents Sea (Reuters). In protest, 29 Greenpeace activists took a ship named the “Artic Sunrise” near the rig and […]

U.S. Criticized at G7 Climate Summit

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Last weekend, senior environment officials from each G7 country met in Bologna, Italy, to discuss how they will combat climate change in the future (WP). Topics ranged from ways to limit water pollution to new methods that would further increase sustainable development (Reuters). Every representative at the meeting, except those from the United States, signed […]