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Al Jazeera Interviews Controversial Gambian “People-Mover”

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Al Jazeera recently interviewed Gambian Mohammed Lamine Janneh, known as L-Boy, on his business of helping people enter Europe the “backway” (Al Jazeera). The “backway” refers to the popular and dangerous route of traveling through the Sahara to the Mediterranean and finally to Europe. An estimated 181,000 Africans took this route in 2016 to flee […]

Equatorial Guinea Hosts Ousted Gambian President

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Information Minister Eugenio Nse Obiang confirmed that Equatorial Guinea is hosting ousted Gambian President Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh relinquished power after a coalition of West African states spearheaded by Senegal pressured him following his refusal to accept his loss in an election against opposition leader Adam Barrow (Reuters). Jammeh has come under criticism by Gambians due […]

Diplomatic Truce Ends between China and Taiwan

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As of March 17, 2016, the West African country of Gambia and China have officially established relations (Reuters). This comes two years after Gambia ended its diplomatic relations and recognition of Taiwan (VOA). The resumption of diplomatic ties and recognition of China comes twenty-one years after Gambia had broken off its relations with mainland China […]