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School Bus Falls Into Deep Gorge in Kangra

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At least 27 people died, including 23 school children, after a school bus plunged into a gorge on Monday (Reuters). The accident took place around 4:30 pm, India Standard Time (IST), near the Nurpur-Chamba highway, about 100 kilometers away from Dharamsala (Times of India). Four adults also died in the accident, the bus driver, two […]

Death of Sridevi, Bollywood Legend

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On Saturday, February 24th, Indian actress Sridevi Kapoor drowned in her hotel bathtub after losing consciousness (Wire). The hotel was in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where Sridevi was to attend her nephew Mohit Marwah’s wedding (Hindustan Times). While several media outlets are reporting cardiac arrest as the cause of her death, there has been no […]

U.S. Official Calls for Increased Counterterrorism in Pakistan

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H.R. McMaster, top national security adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration, met with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday to discuss policy (Reuters). Praising Pakistan’s democratic and economic development, McMaster called for relations between the U.S. and Pakistan “to confront terrorism in all forms.” These statements followed his interview in Afghanistan on Sunday, […]