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Russia Denies Coup, Assassination Allegations in Montenegro

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Russian officials denied allegations of Russian involvement in a conspiracy against the Montenegrin government this past October. Montenegrin Special Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic told the media that “we know that Russia’s state institutions were involved,” and called for the Russian government to pursue an internal investigation (Reuters 1). Katnic singled out Eduard Sismakov, a former Russian […]

NATO Exercise in Montenegro Sparks Tension

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On October 31, a NATO military exercise began in Montenegro. 32 Member States and partner countries are taking part in the exercise, with approximately 680 participants. The exercise is a joint venture between the Montenegrin Interior Ministry and the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (Government of Montenegro), and utilizes scenarios that focus on responses to […]

Kosovo Government Withdraws Montenegro Border Deal

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Kosovo’s cabinet has withdrawn the recent border deal with Montenegro from ratification due to opposition pressure. Prime Minister Isa Mustafa stated the cabinet withdrew the draft law because of the tense situation in Kosovo (AP). The disagreements stem from the border agreement, in which Kosovo loses 8,200 hectares to Montenegro (Reuters). Mustafa pledged cooperation on […]