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Morales Attempts to Remove UN Investigator

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Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales attempted on Monday to expel Ivan Velasquez, the head of a U.N. commission investigating the president’s campaign finances. Guatemala’s Constitutional Court blocked the order within hours, and the court officially ruled against the president on Tuesday (Reuters 1). Following the attempt, several Guatemalan cabinet members resigned, and civilians in opposition to […]

Emergency UN Meeting after Syrian Chemical Attack

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On April 5, the United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting to discuss the recent air raid and chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians (Al Jazeera; AP; BBC; Reuters; NYT). Russian UN representatives denied Bashar al-Assad’s involvement and reaffirmed Russian support for the Syrian leader, blaming rebels for the attack (Reuters). Russian Defense Ministry […]

Russia, China Veto U.N. Sanctions against Syrian Leadership

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On Tuesday China and Russia vetoed a U.N. sanction resolution against Syrian leadership (UPI). The U.N. resolution would have levied sanctions on Syrian leadership for using chemical weapons against its own citizens (Washington Post). Russian President Vladimir Putin justified the veto asserting that “it would not help the negotiation process but would only interfere or […]

Cyprus Reunification Closer than Ever

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U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will open talks on Cyprus reunification on November 7 in Switzerland (Reuters 1). Espen Barth Eide, Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General, stated that Cyprus reunification is closer than it ever has been. The talks aim to reunify Cyprus as a loose federation of two largely self-governing constituent states (Reuters […]