January 23, 2020


How is COVID-19 affecting internships and fellowships?

Our Spring 2020 cohort has done great work from home over the last month, so we are confident in the continued value of the experience. Summer 2020 internships will be conducted remotely. Instead of in-person interviews, students can choose between a phone or video interview. We will have an online orientation. Similar to previous summer interns, the Summer 2020 cohort will still primarily conduct research on their weekly and semester assignments, and work on projects as assigned. We are accepting applications for Fall 2020, and will offer guidance on the terms of those opportunities as more information becomes available.

When are the application deadlines?

Summer 2020 – April 24th by noon.
Fall 2020 – August 7th by noon.

How do I apply?
Online Application
I submitted my application. Now what?

We review all applications after the application deadline. We contact applicants to schedule in-person or phone interviews for the week following the application deadline. We notify all applicants of their application status no later than a week and a half after the application deadline. Any applicants who plan to be out of contact during the selection process should notify the office to make prior arrangements. We do not continue considering any applicant whom we cannot contact through her or his provided email address or phone number.

What is the difference between an internship and a fellowship?

Interns and fellows have similar responsibilities. Fellowships have a semester stipend, and may be assigned to write a press release about an event. Fellows may be invited to certain meetings or events that relate to their fellowship subject, though we never require any student to miss class for their internship or fellowship.

Do you accept graduate students?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. This opportunity has to be mutually beneficial, meaning the student needs to get as much benefit out of it as we do by having students. We accept applications from any student enrolled in a master’s program, and discuss the opportunity more in-depth during the interview. At that time, it is possible for both parties to determine whether the opportunity is a good fit. Generally, we do not consider Ph.D. students unless an internship is a requirement for the degree program.

Do you accept non-UCF students?

Yes. We reserve a slot for a high-school intern over the summer term. Internships are available to actively enrolled, non-UCF students who meet the eligibility requirements. Examples include Rollins College students, local state college students who have over 60 college credits, and students enrolled elsewhere who are in Orlando for summer break. Some fellowships are also available to non-UCF students. Read about those opportunities here.

Do you accept international students?

Yes, as long as the student is actively enrolled and meets the eligibility requirements.

What if I still have questions?

Please email global@ucf.edu for help with any questions related to student opportunities or the application process.