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18 Killed: Uri Attack on the Kashmir Border

Pratyush Goberdhan, India Fellow

September 21, 2016

On Sunday, four militants attacked an Indian base on the India Kashmir Border in Uri, killing 18 soldiers and injuring 20 in a pre-dawn ambush (Economist). Indian armed forces were able to kill the four attackers in the clash. This was the deadliest attack in Kashmir in 25 years (Economist). The Uri base was located only six miles away from the Line of Control (Economist). Indian officials claim that the attackers were of Pakistani origin but the Pakistani government immediately denied any association (BBC 1). Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh called Pakistan a “terrorist state” and indicated that there was evidence that the attackers were trained and of Pakistani origin (BBC 2).

Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not directly accuse Pakistan himself but he did assure that “the nation behind these cowardly attacks will not go unpunished” (BBC 1). After emergency meetings and investigations, Indian officials claim to have evidence that these militants belong to a Pakistani terrorist group (TOI). This alleged evidence includes GPS tracker movements that originate in Pakistan (from retrieved mobile GPS found on the militants’ bodies), and Pashto literature and Pakistan army marked weapons found on the terrorists (TOI).







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