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75,000 Refugees Trapped in Desert

Laura Moeller, Sibille H. Pritchard Global Peace Fellow

September 16, 2016

Amnesty International released video footage and satellite images on Thursday showing makeshift grave sites in an area called Berm, a no man’s land between Jordan and Syria, where thousands of refugees have been trapped and cut off from supplies for two months (Amnesty International). A lack of food, sanitation and healthcare has led to several deaths which could have been prevented if humanitarian aid had been allowed to continue (Al Jazeera).

Jordan has limited access to the area for journalists and aid groups for security reasons (Washington Post). Many of the trapped refugees are unable to seek asylum in Jordan because they do not have access to the required paperwork, including family documents from Syria and immigration documents from Jordan (Pulitzer Center). Previously, aid agencies were allowed to enter the site, providing food and medical services, but the Jordan has tightened security when the I.S. killed seven Jordanian border guards (BBC). Tirana Hassan, Crisis Response Director at Amnesty International, said that the situation shows “the consequences of the world’s abject failure to share responsibility for the global refugee crisis” (Amnesty International).









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