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Barber, Melissa

Melissa Barber


Melissa Barber is an intern for the Global Perspectives Office.  She is completing her senior year at Seminole High School. Barber is a member of Model United Nations, Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra, Illuminati Academic team, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society and the Latin Honor Society.  Upon graduation, Barber plans to study anthropology and music in college.  Barber speaks Spanish and has studied French, German and Latin.

Patel, Komai

Komai Patel


Komal Patel is an intern for the Global Perspectives Office.  She is completing her senior year at Seminole High School. Patel is a member of the Model United Nations, Bharatanatyam (South Indian Classical Dance), Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Scoiety and the Spanish Honor Society. Upon graduation, Patel plans to study international relations and economics in college.  She has traveled to India, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Italy, Canada and throughout the Caribbean. Patel speaks Gujarati and Spanish.

Perez, Norah

Norah Perez


Norah Perez is an intern at the Global Perspectives Office. A senior at Rollins College, she is majoring in Economics with a minor in International Affairs.  Perez serves as Secretary of Honor of the Rollins College Hamilton Holt Academic Honor Council, where she educates students and faculty about the importance of an Honor Code.  She is also one of the founders of the Ethics Committee, where she helped to develop the Ethics Roundtable Discussion.  She recently joined the Rollins College Investment program.  Perez spent four years in South Africa, and speaks English and Spanish, as well as some German.

Pecoraro, Maria

Maria Pecoraro


Maria Pecoraro is an intern in the Global Perspectives Office who works primarily as a research assistant for Ambassador Ulric Haynes, Jr. a Distinguished Visiting Scholar. She graduated summa cum laude in 2008 from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in Political Science, specializing in American politics and policy. She currently is continuing her studies and plans to start a graduate program at UCF in Political Science/International Relations in 2009. Pecoraro is a member of the Order of Pegasus. She also serves as Director of Governmental Affairs for UCF’s student government and is active in several other organizations. Her research interests include the study of democracy, political theory, American presidential and congressional politics, and constitutional law.  Pecoraro speaks Spanish and has traveled to Puerto Rico.

Mason, Timothy

Timothy Mason


Timothy Mason is an intern for the Global Perspectives Office. He is currently a senior at the University of Central Florida, pursuing a double major in Political Science  – International Relations Track – and Radio Television – Broadcast Production Track – as well as a minor in emergency management and homeland security. His interests include the Iraq War, strategic arms and the Arab Israeli Conflict. Upon graduation, he plans to pursue graduate degrees in both law and international relations.

Lasota, Magdalena

Magdalena Lasota

Global Fellow

Magdalena Lasota is a Global Fellow, under the auspices of the Lawrence J. Chastang Global Fellows Program at the University of Central Florida, for the Global Perspectives Office and the Diplomacy Program. She is currently pursuing a B.A. at the University of Central Florida, with a major in Political Science and a minor in Public Administration. Lasota’s interests include immigration policy, human rights, the Middle East, the global economy and managing human behavior in public and non-profit organizations. She has traveled extensively in Europe and the United states; speaks Polish; understands German and Russian; and is studying Spanish.