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Amal Clooney Calls for Trial of ISIS Leaders

Taylor Scimeca, Stephen Sloan Terrorism Studies Fellow

September 21, 2016

Amal Clooney, human rights lawyer and activist, has vowed to prosecute Islamic State leaders through the International Criminal Court for crimes committed against the Yazidi community (Reuters). Militants have enslaved, raped and murdered the Yazidi population in Iraq over the past two years (NBC). Clooney’s decision to pursue this case “no matter the price” stems from her beliefs on how to approach the terror group. Clooney has been vocal that hard power attempts such as bombings will not be effective, but rather, soft power approaches can “change the narrative and change people’s minds” (Time).

Clooney is representing Nadia Murad, a 23-year-old Yazidi who was kidnapped by the Islamic State but managed to escape. Murad, like many of the other women and children, was raped by dozens of men and witnessed the murder of her family (The Washington Times). The Islamic State’s campaign against the Yazidi has led to the enslavement of 7,000 women and children and the death of more than 5,000 people (NBC). Clooney spoke out against the acts of genocide in front of the United Nations on Friday expressing that she felt ashamed by the lack of justice (Reuters).








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