Zachary Levinson is the Spring 2023 Diplomacy, Peace and Security Studies Intern for the Office of Global Perspectives and International Initiatives. He is a Sophomore at UCF’s School of Politics, Security, & International Affairs and the College of Community Innovation and Education, pursuing undergraduate degrees in Political Science (Intelligence & National Security) and Criminal Justice (Scholar’s Track), with a minor in Emergency Management & Homeland Security, and a certificate in Intelligence & National Security.

Zachary is a member of the Club on Security & Intelligence, an ICCAE participant, a co-author of the paper “The Burqa Ban and Parties on the Left” and will be writing an Honors Undergraduate Thesis in the Fall of 2023. His research interests include Chinese global influence and Cybersecurity. Upon graduation, he plans on attending a PhD program in Comparative Politics. A student of English, Levinson has traveled throughout the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and plans to travel through Asia in the near future.