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Brazil’s President Offers Son U.S. Ambassador Job

Paula Moya, Intern, Latin America and the Caribbean

July 19, 2019

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro invited his son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, to become ambassador to the U.S. on Thursday (BBC; Al Jazeera). Bolsonaro has yet to formally nominate his son for the position which has been vacant since April (AP 2; BBC). Eduardo is currently a congressman and councils his father on foreign affairs (BBC). The nomination depends on conversations between Bolsonaro and Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo (Al Jazeera). The Senate Foreign Relations Committee would have to approve the appointment before it is passed for confirmation to the full upper house (Al Jazeera). Eduardo said he would accept the position if it is offered, though he would have to resign from his position as congressman (BBC).


The opposition raised complaints about Eduardo’s nomination, alleging nepotism and insufficient qualifications (AP 1). On Friday, Bolsonaro denied the nepotism accusations and claimed he would “never do that” (Reuters). He also stated that Eduardo is qualified since he speaks English and Spanish, is well-travelled and has friendships with U.S. President Donald Trump’s children (AP 1). Brazil’s Vice President Hamilton Mourao also supported Eduardo’s nomination and said he meets the legal requirements for the job (AP 2). In 2008, Brazil’s Supreme Court banned authorities from nominating family members to officials posts; however, a Supreme Court panel ruled last year that it does not apply to political appointments (AP 1; Reuters). Furthermore, the president’s office conducted an internal legal study and found that nominations for top-ranking appointments are not considered nepotism (Reuters).








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