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Canadian Federal Committee Examines Human Trafficking Cross-Country

Jolene Morris, Francis Bok Human Trafficking Awareness Fellow

March 21, 2018

On Monday, Jennifer Holleman delivered a powerful speech to a cross- country parliamentary committee meeting on human trafficking in Halifax, Canada (Ottawa). Holleman developed her passion for preventing human trafficking after her daughter died in a car accident with a john two years ago (Ottawa). Holleman’s daughter, Maddison Fraser, moved to Alberta, Canada in her late teens under the premise of love (NP). However, upon careful investigation Holleman discovered that her daughter had been lured into the sex industry and abused by her pimp (Ottawa).

The Chairman of the committee, Member of Parliament Anthony Housefather, said the “unfathomable, violent and shocking” stories he heard Monday upended his previous conceptions about human trafficking” (NP). It was his impression that human trafficking was an issue that affected people from broken families who cannot find love at home (CTV). However, now the Chairman believes that he truly understands the depth of destruction human trafficking can bring (NP). The police have identified established gangs in the Halifax area of Canada that have been preying on young girls and are working on an arrest (Ottawa).




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