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Central African Republic Armed Groups Reach Peace Deal

Jasmine Masri, Intern, Africa

February 8, 2019

After experiencing six years of inter-religious conflict, the Central African Republic government and fourteen armed groups reached a peace deal (AP News). On Saturday, the United Nations and African Union announced the peace deal, which aims to end years of sectarian conflict. (AP News). The Central African Republic’s unrest stems back to 2013 when Muslim Seleka rebels seized power from a majority-Christian population (BBC News). Since then, thousands of people have died in the violence, and over 4.5 million people have been displaced (Al Jazeera).

Sudan’s chief negotiator Atta al-Manan reported that the agreement “focuses on power-sharing and transitional justice” (France 24). The African Union commissioner expressed how this is to greatly benefit the nation and its citizens (AP News). This statement came after the U.N previously warned of genocide risks from the violence (AP News). The U.N Security Council is considering lifting an arms embargo on the Central African Republic to aid the army in their fight against violent militias (Al Jazeera). Talks of the peace deal began on January 24th, and reports expect the participating parties to sign the final deal on Wednesday (France 24).






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