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China and Japan Seek Improved Relations

Alea Ortiguerra, Intern, East and Southeast Asia

September 9, 2016

Despite their wartime history and territorial disputes, the Chinese and Japanese governments are making efforts to improve relations. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met for private talks during the G20 summit this past weekend (Reuters). Because China and Japan have the biggest economies in East Asia, Xi stated the two countries need to put aside their differences to have normal relations (Reuters). In addition, the two leaders have decided to accelerate communication between their militaries in order to prevent accidental clashes (The Straits Times).

On Monday, Abe stated, “both [countries are] responsible for the regions peace and prosperity as well as the global economy” (Japan Today). Despite the goodwill, both leaders are unmovable on their positions of the tiny isles on the East China Sea, which are controlled by Japan. Later this month, the two leaders will meet for a deal to jointly develop resources in the region (Japan Today).






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