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Deployment of US Troops to Poland Sparks Conflict

Christina Anderson, Intern, Europe including Russia

June 27, 2019

According to reports, the Russian government perceives sending 1,000 United States (US) troops to Poland is an aggressive move (Reuters). The US and Poland agreed to have 1,000 US troops dispatched to Poland as a defensive measure for security (Reuters). Ex-commander of Russia’s special forces, Vladimir Shamanov, claim that the US drones that are sent over could be carrying nuclear weapons (Reuters). However, US Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher disagrees and states that the US is merely enabling a country to defend its borders (The Moscow Times).

Russian lawmakers expressed that the US military deployment to Poland forces Moscow to take retaliatory steps, and ultimately making Poland a target (The Moscow Times 2). Vladimir Dzhabarov, the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Upper House’s Foreign Affairs Committee, announced Russia would reinforce its troops at the country’s western border (Al Manar). In the past, Russian lawmakers have stressed the country’s intentions of not attacking Poland. Russia will only retaliate if they are attacked from Polish territories.






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