UCF Global Perspectives


Ending Trafficking: Where to Start?

John C. Bersia, Special Assistant to the President for Global Perspectives and GP Director, UCF

July 30, 2018

As we mark World  Day Against Trafficking in Persons 2018, what thoughts should be going through our minds? That human trafficking and modern slavery are terrible? They are. That this evil should not be happening in modern times? True. That we bear collective responsibility for fixing the problem? Indeed. So, how to proceed? The Inter-Agency Coordination Group against Trafficking and UNICEF gave us a clue this week. They reported that about 28 per cent of identified victims of trafficking around the world are children. In some regions, such as sub-Saharan Africa, Central America and the Caribbean, the numbers can exceed 60%. Such victimization rates are outrageous and unacceptable. But whether they occur at 60% or 28%, and whether they happen in other countries or in our own communities in Central Florida and the rest of the United States, we are obligated by our humanity to act. We cannot afford to allow fear, uncertainty, confusion or other concerns to prevent us from noticing what is taking place and speaking out.

Many organizations provide advice on how to better understand human trafficking and its signs. They include the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Florida Office of the Attorney General  and Florida Abolitionist. Visit these websites and others. Learn more about human trafficking and modern slavery. And, most important, join in the collective effort to put a stop to this abomination before it claims the freedom of another child.

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