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European, African Leaders Respond to Migration Trafficking

Maggie Morgan, Fellow, Francis Bok Human Trafficking Awareness

September 1, 2017

Leaders of European countries met with leaders of African countries in a Paris mini summit. Participants met with the common goal of addressing illegal migration through human smuggling. Proposals included European-financed developments, funding for humane care of migrants, stronger border controls in Chad and Niger, and preliminary reviews for asylum (NY Times). German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that stopping human trafficking could “only be achieved through development aid” (Reuters).

The European leaders presented a plan to implement protective measures for migrants in Africa in coordination with United Nations refugee and migration agencies (Washington Post). The plan would allow legal immigration for migrants on an eligibility list from the United Nations refugee agency. The three African leaders present stated the importance of fighting poverty, as it drives emigration to Europe and into trafficking (Washington Post). Nigerian President Mahamadou Issoufou noted that there must be “alternatives for smugglers to leave criminal activity” (Washington Post).







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