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First Cuban Migrants Arrive in U.S. After Central America Deal

Hannah Kipersztok, Intern, Central and South America

January 25, 2016

Following the reestablished diplomatic and economic ties between the United States and Cuba, many Cuban citizens sought to immigrate to the U.S. Having traveled from Cuba to Ecuador and then through Colombia to Costa Rica, 8,000 Cuban migrants planned to make their way through the rest of Central America onto Mexico, and finally, to the U.S. Their journey was disrupted when Nicaragua, an ally of Cuba, closed their borders to the migrants; they have been stranded in Costa Rica since (Central America News).

Five Central American countries alongside Mexico have agreed to a new deal that will pave the way for these 8,000 Cuban migrants to enter the United States, and on Monday, the first wave entered the U.S. through Laredo, Texas (CNN). The deal allows the Cubans to fly from Costa Rica to El Salvador, then take a bus to Mexico where they then cross over to the U.S. (CNN). It will take an estimated 28 additional flights from Costa Rica to El Salvador for all of the stranded Cubans to migrate into the U.S. through Mexico (CBS Miami).




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