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First female mayor elected in Bogotá, Colombia

Colombians voted on Sunday to elect regional legislators, provincial governors and mayors in first local election since peace deal in 2016 (Al Jazeera). Centre-left candidate Claudia López has become the first woman to be elected mayor of the capital city of Bogotá (RCN). A journalist and former senator, López gained 35.2% of the votes, enough to beat liberal candidate Carlos Fernando Galán who received 32.5% of the votes (BBC). News services described the position of mayor of Bogotá as the most influential political position after the presidency in Colombia (Al Jazeera, Reuters).

López is a member of the Green Alliance Party and describes herself as “incorruptible” (Al Jazeera). Lopez’s political platform was centered in fighting corruption and advancing equal rights for minority communities (AP News). The win signifies a great advancement in Colombian politics as Bogotá will have its first female and openly lesbian mayor (AP News). Wilson Castaneda, head of rights groups Caribe Afirmativo, said “her victory sends a message that sexual, political and or religious diversity aren’t impediments to participate in politics” (Reuters).