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Floods and Landslides Decimate Sri Lanka

Natasha Goolcharran, Intern, South Asia

June 6, 2016

Torrential downpours in Sri Lanka have claimed the lives of 101 civilians as confirmed by the country’s Disaster Management Center (CNN). Twenty-one of Sri Lanka’s twenty-five districts have been critically affected as a result of the floods (TIME). In the central western district of Aranayake, villages remain completely buried (AJ). Inclement weather that triggered the mammoth landslides in three progressions have affected more than 10,500 people (AJ). An estimated 500,000 have been rendered homeless and have taken temporary refuge in relief camps (AJ). DMC spokesman Pradeep Kodippili reports that over 530 houses have been completely destroyed and another 4000 partially damaged (TIME).

The Sri Lankan Meteorological Department attributes the heavy rains to a depression in the Bay of Bengal (BBC). The excessive flooding is due to rampant construction in low lying parts of Colombo (Dailynews). The UN’s Resident Coordinator in Sri Lanka met with President Maithripala Sirisena to discuss the emergency provisions that the island nation needs (BBC). Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake, along with President Sirisena, have appealed to the international community for 2 billion USD in foreign flood aid (Dailynews). As of Saturday, the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy have deposited relief supplies in the capital Colombo (NYT). Rescue workers continue to trudge through muddy terrain in search of bodies. The final phase of the ordeal involves return, resettlement, reconstruction and mourning the dead.










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