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Fugitive Mexican Governor Arrested in Guatemala

Angie Torres, Intern, Central and South America

April 20, 2017

Javier Duarte, former governor of the Mexican state of Veracruz, is suspected of corruption, involvement in organized crime, and the embezzlement of millions of dollars (BBC). At least 645 million Mexican pesos (USD $35 million) of public money was put into a series of shell companies and siphoned off while he was in office (BBC). Duarte later resigned as governor of Veracruz to face corruption allegations but disappeared in October 2016 (BBC).

A joint operation between Interpol and Guatemalan police led to Duarte’s arrest at a lakeside resort in Guatemala on Saturday (NPR). He is currently being held in a Guatemalan prison and Mexican authorities have stated that his extradition could take up to a year (Reuters). According to the Los Angeles Times, in a country of 31 states, nearly twelve governors recently out of office are on the lam, under investigation or already in prison (NPR).







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