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Hong Kong Court Finds “Umbrella Movement” Leaders Guilty

Hannah Klonowski, China-Taiwan Cross Strait Fellow

April 10, 2019

A court in Hong Kong found nine leaders of pro-democracy protests guilty on Tuesday due to protest activity in 2014 (AP).  All individuals with sentences are members of the “Umbrella Movement,” a group of demonstrators demanding the right to democratically elect a leader in Hong Kong (Bloomberg).  The movement received its nickname from student demonstrators who used yellow umbrellas to shield themselves from police tear gas intended to break up the protests (Bloomberg).  The nine arrested leaders spearheaded the “Occupy Central” campaign, a series of protests intended the force the government to make democratic concessions (AP).

The Hong Kong court found the nine leaders guilty of conspiracy to commit public nuisance and incitement to commit public nuisance (Bloomberg).  Those charged include: sociology professor Chan Kin-man, law professor Benny Tai, and Baptist minister Chu Yiu-ming (BBC).  Following their sentencing, many protesters appeared on Hong Kong’s court steps to oppose the guilty charges and show the Umbrella Movement’s strength (BBC).





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