UCF Global Perspectives


Honoring David Boone

John C. Bersia, Special Assistant to the President for Global Perspectives and Director

March 15, 2018

David W. Boone, a ’75 UCF graduate who passed away this week, understood that abolitionism never succeeded – in the United States or anywhere. Today, the gruesome global empire of human trafficking and modern slavery subjugates an estimated 40 million people worldwide, including in Central Florida. In response, Boone made a vow that will forever echo through the Center for the Study of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery at UCF, which he inspired, nurtured and advised: “We must end this abomination.” He brought to confronting contemporary slavery the same kind of passion and persistence that propelled him to nationwide success and recognition in the field of law. Boone received the American Bar Association’s Pursuit of Justice Award in 2016, which is given to lawyers and judges who show outstanding merit and excel in providing access to justice for all. Further, Boone committed his personal time, resources and energy to organizations such as Civil Lawyers Against World Sex-Slavery, which he founded. To stop human trafficking and modern slavery, Boone recommended that we follow the money trail to identify and punish perpetrators, educate and build awareness about the threat and help survivors restore their stolen lives. All who aspire to such goals will perpetuate Boone’s legacy of railing and acting against the injustice of contemporary slavery, and help realize his dream of its abolition.

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