The Center for the Study of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery was born from the growing concern and community interest in human trafficking and stemmed from the existing Human Trafficking Awareness Program that was established at UCF in 2003. The goal of the Center is to expand the understanding of human trafficking at the global level in a comprehensive, interdisciplinary context. We are searching for solutions through our five goals: community engagement, research, education, training, student fellowships, and survivor scholarships.

Human trafficking is essential to undergraduate and graduate research today, and emphasis on human trafficking in global dimensions attributes to UCF’s international focus and partnerships. We reach into the subject of trafficking in a comprehensive way that spans disciplines, professions, cultures, and ideas to help solve this world problem.

Goals for the Center include the development of educational courses, professional training, and academic credentials to expand learning facilitated by survivors, scholars, abolitionists, and practitioners in the field. Major concern about human trafficking in Florida comes from statistical evidence; Florida is number three in the nation for reported human trafficking cases according to the state attorney general’s office. The Center is conducting research critical to resolving this world problem and engages the UCF campus and surrounding community to encourage action and understanding through ongoing discussion.