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Hurricane Matthew Tears Through Caribbean

Christy Box, Isle of Man Small Countries Fellow

October 5, 2016

Small countries have been greatly impacted by the path of Hurricane Matthew through the Caribbean. St. Lucia has already been struck by the hurricane, and it is currently recovering from the resulting flooding and mudslides (Reuters 1). After devastating Haiti on Tuesday, Hurricane Matthew is now hitting the Bahamas before reaching the United States (Reuters 2). The path of the hurricane will take it close to the Bahamas’ capital city of Nassau (AP).

Officials in the Bahamas are urging residents to evacuate to higher ground (Reuters 2). The Bahamas are currently facing heavy rain and storm surges (AP). Small island states have been asking for aid in recovering from and preparing for severe weather related to climate change, as some scientists attribute more severe weather to warmer seas. St. Lucian Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has called for a framework to handle the severe weather and combat climate change (Reuters 1).






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