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Iran Breaches Uranium Limit

Sean Skillings, Intern, Global Peace and Security

July 2, 2019

Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, announced on Monday that Iran surpassed the 300-kilogram stockpile limit for Uranium set out by the Nuclear Deal (Tehran Times). Breaching the stockpile limit does not necessarily give Iran enough material to produce a nuclear weapon (New York Times). This move happened during a 60-day ultimatum that Iran’s government gave to European signatories to renegotiate the Nuclear Deal (Times of Israel). Iranian officials claimed the EU has not done enough to protect Iran from new sanctions.

Zarif stated that he was very transparent that the Atomic Energy Agency in Iran planned to breach the limit (Reuters). European officials promised that the EU will take diplomatic action to resolve this issue. Iranian officials warned that they may soon violate the deal more substantially (Jerusalem Post). The head of Israel’s Mossad Intelligence Agency, Joseph Cohen, expressed concern by saying “imagine what will happen if Iran’s stockpile becomes military enrichment grade” (Reuters).







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