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Iran Shoots Down US Spy Drone

Sean Skillings, Intern, Global Peace and Security

June 20, 2019

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) shot down an American drone on Thursday. The IRGC claimed that the drone was on a spy mission over Iran’s territory (Reuters; Tehran Times). US officials denied this by saying that the drone was flying within international airspace (Reuters). US Navy Captain Bill Urban stated that Iranian reports were false, and that this was an unprovoked attack (Jerusalem Post).


IRGC head, Major General Hossein Salami, said that this action was meant to send a warning to the US (CNN). According to a source from the IRGC, the drone was shot down near the Kouh-e Mobarak region (Tehran Times). The IRGC said they identified the drone as a MQ-4C Triton, which can gather high-resolution images from very high altitudes (Tehran Times). Since this attack, oil prices worldwide climbed by about three percent (Aljazeera).







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