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Largest Ebola Outbreak in Congo History

Makenzie Wenninghoff, Lawrence J. Chastang Global Fellow, Global Health

November 15, 2018

Reports claim the current Ebola outbreak, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to be the largest in the nation’s history of 10 outbreaks (Reuters 2). This outbreak has caused 333 confirmed and/or probable cases of Ebola. Sources estimate the virus to have claimed over 200 lives (Reuters 1). The number of cases also ranks this outbreak as the third largest in the history of the African Continent. The first two being the West African outbreak of 203-2016 with 28,000 confirmed cases and an outbreak in Uganda with 425 cases (Reuters 2).

The World Health Organization has predicted that this outbreak will last for at least another six months. The health facilities are the main sources for the spread of the virus as they have difficulties to prevent without proper infrastructure. Many people visit “tradi-modern” health centers that are found commonly in neighborhoods and unregulated. One way the health facilities are continuing the spread of the outbreak is by misdiagnoses. The other way is by individuals contracting the diseases during visits for other problems at these informal hospitals (AP). Opposition groups in the region are also making this disease hard to contain. Treatment and prevention programs halt during fighting and attacks, thus giving the virus an upper hand. These factors take the control of this virus out of the hands of health organizations working to combat it (Reuters 2).





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