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Lavrov to Take Measures against NATO Activities

Vincenzo Cibra, Intern, Transatlantic Security Issues

June 9, 2016

On Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told his Finnish counterpart he is ready to take preventive measures to counter NATO’s increased activities in the Baltic Sea (Reuters). The warning came after Finland’s government agreed to allow NATO Baltop 16, an annual naval exercise (Reuters). Although NATO has been carrying out naval exercises in the Baltic region for several years, it is the first time on Finnish territory (Sputnik). Lavrov promptly responded that there are no real threats to justify an increase in military activities in that area (TASS). He added he would take necessary measures to guarantee Russia’s security (Reuters).

After a meeting with Finnish Foreign Minister Timo Soini, Lavrov felt confident that Finland’s government would understand Russia’s concerns (Reuters). Soini, however, replied that the exercise is aimed at strengthening Finland’s own capacity and defense (Sputnik). Lavrov concluded by saying he does not plan an attack on NATO, as he does not see a threat in the organization’s existence, but it is expanding near Russian borders (TASS).






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