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North Korean Hackers Infiltrate South Korean Systems

Paul Gill, Intern, East and Southeast Asia

June 22, 2016

The North Korean government has successfully hacked more than 140,000 South Korean computers located at over 160 businesses and government agencies (Reuters). Since 2014, North Korean hackers have been working vigorously to infiltrate South Korean information systems in order to steal military secrets (Korea Times). South Korean media outlets have reported that North Korean hackers were able to steal important defense-related documents and blueprints of specialized military hardware (Wall Street Journal).

Of the more than 42,000 materials stolen, it has been estimated that more than 40,000 were defense-related (Reuters). An official from the South Korean Defense Ministry has claimed that none of the stolen documents were classified or secret in any fashion (Reuters). However, this charge has been met with much skepticism. The IP address used in the latest wave of cyber-attacks has been identified and matches the IP address used in a 2013 attack against South Korean banks and broadcasters (Reuters). North Korea has denied responsibility for these cyber breaches (Wall Street Journal).






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