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Paris Mayor Attempted to Ban Black Feminist Festival

Maeve Cosgrove, Intern, Women and Children

May 31, 2017

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo sparked controversy last week when she called for the banning of a black feminist festival set for the last weekend of July. Hidalgo tweeted that she opposed the event due to its prohibition of white attendees (Al Jazeera). After receiving backlash on Twitter for her statements that were partially based on false information, Mayor Hidalgo spoke to organizers (France24).


The majority of the festival’s spaces will be open exclusively to black women. Organizers say there will be one space open to black people, regardless of gender, and another space where all are welcome (BBC 1). Hidalgo said that organizers clarified any confusions over admission restrictions, but she still reserved the right to “prosecute the organisers for discrimination,” if she feels action is necessary (BBC 2). One organizer told French media sources she finds it ironic Hidalgo would condemn the festival when she finances a lesbian French film festival, which is only open to women (France24).






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