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Peru Oil Spill

Hannah Kipersztok, Intern, Central and South America

February 29, 2016

Two rivers in Peru have been polluted by an oil spill in the Amazonian region due to a rupture in a state-owned pipeline (BBC). It is estimated that more than eight indigenous communities rely on these rivers for drinking water (BBC). The rupture has leaked 3,000 barrels into the rivers and has halted the movement of over 5,000 barrels to other parts of the country (Latin Times). Recent heavy rains has also made it increasingly difficult to contain the spill (Latin Times).

The company responsible for the oil spill, PetroPeru has promised a full clean-up and is also providing food and water to the communities affected by the spill (BBC). It could take “some time” to resume regular operations, said PetroPeru president German Velasquez (Reuters). Peru’s health ministry has declared a water quality emergency in five districts that have been affected by the spill (Reuters).







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