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Peruvian Presidential Election Closest in Fifty Years

Hunter Morgan, Intern, Latin America and the Caribbean

June 13, 2016

Pablo Kuczynski, the leader of the Peruvians for Change Party (UPI), celebrated after election officials announced Kuczynski won a slight majority over Keiko Fujimori (AP). Following the closest presidential election in Peru in fifty years, Kuczynski has called for unity, but Fujimori has yet to concede (AP). With the election differing by .2 points, or 41,438 votes, Fujimori is waiting for a formal announcement by the National Electoral Press Office before conceding (PT). Fujimori is holding out hope in the form of some 50,000 votes under review, though experts do not expect her to overtake Kuczynski (AP).

Fujimori was expected to win the election according to sample ballots and preliminary results, but corruption accusations against Fujimori shook her support (Reuters). This drew parallels to Fujimori’s father, Alberto Fujimori, who is in jail for corruption and humans rights abuses during his time as president (CNN). Kuczynski campaigned on the promise to increase governmental transparency and to revive the economy (BBC). While Kuczynski has potentially won the presidency, his new party earned 13.8 percent of congressional seats while Fujimori’s Popular Force Party earned nearly 40.6 percent (AP).








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