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Poverty Not An Excuse For Human Trafficking – Kukah

Jolene Morris, Francis Bok Human Trafficking Awareness Fellow

February 15, 2018

Earlier this week, Matthew Kukah, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, Nigeria, called for more public awareness on the issue of human trafficking in Sokoto (LEAD). He said he believed that neither poverty nor any form of hardship is an excuse for people engaging in human trafficking (TNL). He advised parents to be extremely watchful and responsible for their children (VANG). He called on media organizations to continuously showcase and discuss the dangers of human trafficking (VANG).


According to the bishop, the movement against human trafficking is a collective responsibility that should include all religions and tribes (VANG). He appealed to young Nigerians to seek better ways of living and to avoid actions that will negatively affect their futures (VANG). By working hard and striving for opportunities, they will not get caught in disastrous tricks, he said. Kukah also commended the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons, “for ensuring that no human life is violated,” and prayed “for the leaders to succeed in the task of governing the country” (VANG).






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