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The China-Taiwan Cross-Strait Program

“Evaluating the regional/U.S. impact of the relationship”

The China-Taiwan Cross-Strait Program, supported by the C.T. and Jean Hsu Fund of the Global Connections Foundation, is housed in the Department of Political Science of the College of Sciences at the University of Central Florida. Established in 2008, it sponsors or co-sponsors public discussions featuring top speakers, panels and other meetings; encourages scholarship and research; and works with partners worldwide to explore the possibilities and evaluate the regional impact – as well as the effect on the United States – of cross-strait relations. The program is neutral and favors neither side. Rather, it aims to promote awareness, understanding and discussion of the key issues in the China-Taiwan relationship.

C.T. and Jean Hsu are principals of the C.T. Hsu Group, a globally active diversified company. They have supported UCF programs dealing with Asia, along with other international issues, for many years.


Program Co-Directors

Roger Handberg

Department of Political Science
PH 302, 407-823-2608

John C. Bersia
Global Perspectives Office
PH 202, 407-823-0688

Program Advisory Board

  • John C. Bersia, Special Assistant to the President for Global Perspectives, UCF (co-director)
  • Amy Chua, John M. Duff, Jr. Professor of Law, Yale Law School, New Haven, Connecticut
  • Roger Handberg, Department of Political Science, UCF (co-director)
  • Jean Hsu, Principal, C.T. Hsu Group, Orlando, Florida
  • Minxin Pei, Senior Associate, China Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington, D.C.
  • Alvin Wang, Psychology Department, UCF
  • Kate Zhou, Department of Political Science, University of Hawaii


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The China-Taiwan Fellowship

The China-Taiwan Cross-Strait Program at UCF (supported by the C.T. and Jean Hsu Fund of the Global Connections Foundation), the Global Perspectives Office at UCF and the Global Connections Foundation are pleased to provide an opportunity for an outstanding UCF student, undergraduate (at least junior level) or graduate, to serve as a China-Taiwan Fellow each spring semester. Click here for more information about the fellowship.

The 2018 China-Taiwan Fellow was Yihui Tang. She is a senior at the University of Central Florida pursuing an undergraduate degree in International and Global Studies, with a minor in Diplomacy and a certificate in Intelligence and National Security. She is a member of the International Relations Club at UCF. Her research interests include peace studies in East Asia, diplomacy, immigration policy and international law. Upon graduation, she plans on pursuing a graduate degree with a focus in international affairs. Tang is fluent in Chinese (Mandarin) and English, and has traveled to Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Canada and throughout Europe. She hopes to work in the diplomatic field after she finishes her education. To learn about other past fellows and scholars, click here.