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Protests in Oaxaca, Mexico Turn Fatally Violent

Hunter Morgan, Intern, Latin America and the Caribbean

June 27, 2016

At least eight people have died and as many as 100 were injured in a violent clash between protestors and the police in Oaxaca, Mexico (TS). When police went to break up an education reform protest they became engaged in a four-hour armed confrontation (TS). Both the protestors and the Federal Police Chief Enrique Galindo denied firing the first shot and inciting the violence (AP). The National Security Commission in Mexico denied that the police used guns at all, saying that footage depicting an officer firing at citizens was altered (Reuters).

The protestors were either from or supporters of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CTNE) union’s radical Oaxaca section, Section 22 (AP). The CTNE and its supporters were protesting educational reforms instituted by President Enrique Pena Nieto as well as the government’s imprisonment of CTNE leaders (Al Jazeera). These reforms, introduced by Pena Nieto in 2013, provided new measures for assessing teachers, which the CTNE say are unfair to teachers from poorer areas (BBC). According to recent polls, Mexican citizens mostly reject the protestors and the violence, with garnering the support of only roughly 23 percent of the public (La Prensa).









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