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Putin Denies Involvement in U.S. Elections

Phillip Bass, Intern, U.S. Elections and the World

October 14, 2016

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on October 12 that Russia did not hack into U.S. Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails (Reuters 1). Putin said, “They started this hysteria, saying this [hacking] is in Russia’s interests, but this has nothing to do with Russia’s interests” (Reuters 1). Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a Russian ultra-nationalist, warned the American voters to support U.S. Republican candidate Donald Trump or risk nuclear war (Reuters 2). Zhirinovsky condemned American involvement in Libya, Syria and Ukraine and praised Trump’s unorthodox pro-Russian relations (Reuters 2).

Max Boot, a senior fellow for national security at the Council of Foreign Policy, said “Trump is the most pro-Russian presidential candidate ever” (Reuters 1). Trump denied involvement with Putin at a rally in Florida, saying “Have you ever noticed, anything that goes wrong they blame Russia?” (Reuters 1). According to NPR, Trump allegedly read out a news brief from the Russia government-funded site, Sputnik. The brief condemned Clinton’s actions in Benghazi and said the attack was preventable (NPR).









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