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Russia Sends Troops to Venezuela

Miriam Chaaban, Intern, Central and South America

March 28, 2019

Russian military planes landed near Caracas, Venezuela on Saturday and reports claim they were carrying dozens of troops and a large amount of equipment (BBC). Russia’s Sputnik news agency reported the planes were sent to “fulfill technical military contracts,” (BBC). However, the US and other countries are questioning if this act is legitimate. Opposition leader Juan Guaido is rejecting the deployment of these planes, claiming it violates the Venezuelan constitution (DW).

This occurs three months after the countries held joint military exercises (BBC). Late Tuesday night, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement that Russia is “in strict accordance” with the Venezuelan constitution and agreement on military cooperation (AP). Zakharova has not indicated how many troops have gone into Venezuela, but news reports indicate that two large planes have landed in the area (AP). President Nicolas Maduro is yet to comment on this.





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