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Syrian Refugees Stranded after Suicide Attack

Huong Dang, Francis Bok Human Trafficking Awareness Fellow

July 6, 2016

About 64,000 Syrian refugees are stranded on the Syrian-Jordan border with little food, water or humanitarian aid (AP, Al Jazeera). Food rations are expected to run out soon, and without access to Jordan’s border, aid groups cannot get food to refugees (Reuters). After the suicide bomb attack that killed seven members of the Jordanian security forces last Tuesday, the Jordan government had shut down the Syrian-Jordan border (NYT). The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the suicide attack (NYT).

The refugees are trapped in a Rukban camp located along the earthen barrier, called berm, which runs roughly parallel to the Syrian-Jordan border (AP). Aid workers said that food convoys that typically go through the Jordan border to reach the refugee camp have been turned away by the Jordanian military (Reuters). Government spokesman Mohammed Momani stated that the humanitarian aid issue was an international and UN problem and not a Jordanian one (AP). The Jordanian government also said that no more refugee camps will be built and none will be expanded (BBC).







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